Growth without risk

Sift studied the growth drivers of 1,000 large e-commerce companies. The forward-thinking organizations all have something in common that powers their hypergrowth — they rely on Digital Trust & Safety.

  • Leaders

    Achieve best-in-class growth by aligning risk and revenue

  • Contenders

    Prioritize user experience but lack systems to unlock hypergrowth

  • Stragglers

    Maintain status quo — slow to adopt new mindset and technology

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*Data source: Internet Retailer 2019 Top 1000 Database – North American e-commerce companies in 2018

  1. 200%
  2. 180%
  3. 160%
  4. 140%
  5. 120%
  6. 100%
  7. 80%
  8. 60%
  9. 40%
  10. 20%
  11. 0%
  1. $0
  2. $1B
  3. $10B
  4. $100B
2018 Sales: $258M CAGR: 195% 2018 Sales: $1.4B CAGR: 143% 2018 Sales: $1.2B CAGR: 90% 2018 Sales: $6.8B CAGR: 54% 2018 Sales: $137B CAGR: 39% 2018 Sales: $233B CAGR: 22% 2018 Sales: $514B CAGR: 26% 2018 Sales: $5.6B CAGR: 102%

Every user interaction, protected by Digital Trust & Safety

Every step of the user journey brings an opportunity to increase your conversion rates, create a great customer experience, and turn trusted users into lifetime customers.

But the greater your opportunity to engage, the greater the risk to your business.

Every step is a chance for criminals to benefit. Fake accounts can be created. Credentials can be compromised. Stolen credit cards result in payment fraud. Brand reputation is damaged by spam and scams.

Sift protects against all types of online fraud and abuse so you can focus on growing your business safely and securely.

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Legacy fraud prevention kills growth

Businesses throw money at their fraud, with no ROI


are spending more
see fraud rising

Existing tools block good users


want a frictionless experience
are hindered by fraud prevention

What if you could grow revenue without risk? You can.

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Digital Trust & Safety

Grow securely and win market share with Digital Trust & Safety. Seize new revenue opportunities and increase customer satisfaction, without risk. Learn how leading companies are balancing fraud prevention and customer experience.

Increase conversions

Boost brand loyalty

Launch new products

Expand globally


Payment fraud

Fake accounts

Compromised accounts

Spam and scams

Join the leader in Digital Trust & Safety

Gain competitive advantage from our technology, community, and partnerships. More than 34,000 sites and apps – from digital disruptors to Fortune 500 companies — partner with Sift.

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Unrivaled accuracy

Pioneers of machine learning for fraud prevention, our scalable and sophisticated solution is the only one that updates risk scores in real time.


Strength in numbers

Our global network of fraud fighters brings new insights to every Sift customer, at every moment, with every user interaction.


Customers first

We partner with our customers at every step of their journey to serve their unique needs and forge trusted, long-term relationships.


Grow revenue safely and securely

Your customers want a frictionless experience without the risk of fraud and abuse. Many businesses look at this problem as a balancing act between customer satisfaction and fraud prevention. With Digital Trust & Safety, you no longer have to choose – you can protect and delight your customers.

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Digital leaders are making the change to Digital Trust & Safety

Patreon and LinkedIn are aligning risk and revenue to drive growth, provide the best customer experiences, and stay at the top of their industries. Learn the role that Digital Trust & Safety plays in their businesses, how they’re managing the shift away from traditional fraud prevention solutions, and how they remain proactive in the fight against fraud.

Jacqueline Hart

Head of Trust & Safety

“It’s extremely important to be correct about who is fraudulent.”

Patreon relies on Sift to ensure creators get paid – and fraudsters are kept off the platform.

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Drive more revenue with Digital Trust & Safety

Over 34,000 sites and apps trust Sift to deliver outstanding customer experiences, while preventing fraud and abuse.